Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hey, I started a blog!

After watching friends like Mati, Kim, Sarah and Chris blog so admirably, I thought...why not me? I have many random observations to share. I can take a photo or two. I'm definitely as opinionated as the next person.

And I have to admit it. Sure, the blogosphere abounds with intelligent content (repeated 1,000,000 times, but who's counting?) But what I most enjoy is just reading about what people are up to, especially people I know.

Why the title Waiting for a Train, you ask? Well, I've always loved the song by Jimmie Rodgers--the lyrics are about a hobo who tries to hop a train, but has no cash to bribe the brakeman, and ends up sleeping alone under the stars. It also reminds me of being a city dweller, and waiting for a million MUNI and BART trains, and somehow enjoying it each time, just being a part of it all.

So me, Jimmie, and the J Church welcome you to my blog!


tb said...

Wow, and it even includes links! Good work!

mati rose said...

i'm so excited to keep reading linda! love the title and what it captures.

Kim said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! If that's what it's called. Posted a handsome photo of you on MY blog today ... Kim

Sarah Goss said...

Excellent! I am thrilled that Linda has a blog. I know it took me awhile to start mine because I felt so abashed about the whole thing, like why would *I* have a blog, and who cares what *I* have to say, and what if people think I am a narcissist? I am so glad you overcame any resistance you might have felt, because I have always thought you were the kind of person who would have a blog that I personally would find interesting and would love to read. So, weeeehaw Linda's blog!

Anonymous said...

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