Sunday, July 8, 2007

Summer Fun

Last week our friend Christie came to visit from New York, which was almost as good as going on vacation. Christie and I have been friends since the early 90s, when we were both going to school at the University of Iowa. We have been to countless thrift shops together and shared numberless indie rock and alt country listening sessions.

On the 4th, Christie, T and I went to Point Pinole, a very cool piece of land that juts into San Pablo Bay. It's on the site of a former dynamite factory, and you can see overgrown industrial ruins as you hike. You can also see tons of Richmond industrial ugliness across the bay from certain parts of the shoreline, while other places look lovely and wild. The mix is intriguing.

On the pier, we saw a man catch a little shark, which scared me, but I felt I had to look because I eat a lot of fish. Christie took this lovely portrait of T and me.

We also went to the St. Francis Fountain with Hugh and Mati. I have long been aware of the existence of the Fountain, which I think is SF's oldest ice cream spot, but I had never been there or tried their affordable and abundant breakfasts until recently. Which was very foolish of me. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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