Friday, January 25, 2008

Maui Top Ten

Just got back from Maui this morning. It was all it was cracked up to be, and just the vacation we needed, what with all the gentle sun, rain and wind, healthy outdoor fun, and time to just be. We did spend a million dollars, though. Perhaps Maui exists to make me appreciate the relatively low prices in the Bay Area.

Here's my top ten, in no particular order:

1. The colors of Haleakala (see above), an inactive volcano that looms over Maui. I think any kind of designer (especially one who loves the '70s) would be inspired. And as an added bonus, we got to experience being inside a cloud while hiking Haleakala.

2. Listening exclusively to CDs from our mix CD group while driving Maui's beautiful highways and byways, with special props to Stag by Reva, Clock Says Now by Chi-Hui, and Summer Fun by Georgia. And me, if truth be told, since I always like my own CDs best.

3. Maui Brewing Company's Coconut Porter. They describe it thusly: "It begins with a malty-toasted-coconut aroma followed by a rich, silky mouthfeel with tastes of dark malt, chocolate, and hints of coffee. It then finishes with flavors of toasted coconut and hoppy spice to balance the finish." Yup. Only sold in Hawaii, but we have four cans in our fridge.

4. Puppies. As we drove the Road to Hana (which was a blast), we took a detour to check out the lovely coastal views in Nahiku. On the road, what should we see but a troop of gamboling puppies, who swarmed adorably around our shoes when we got out of the car. This was on a day that we also saw multiple waterfalls and rainbows.

5. Eating at Mama's Fish House. The most expensive lunch either of us had ever had, and completely worth it. Gently complex flavors, locally caught fish, attentive service, and amazing chocolate/caramel pie for dessert. And an ocean view to boot.

6. Experiencing the soothing effects of asian sculpture. The first place we stayed was Maui Retreat, an off the grid working bamboo farm that offered new-agey services from tantra lessons to psychic readings (we just stayed there). The place made me see rain and wind in a whole new way, because there the rain was nourishing a million green leaves, not pounding on hard surfaces, and the wind was warmly sighing through all of that greenery, not rattling our old windowpanes. Likewise, the grounds were full of some pretty amazing sculpture, and the more I stayed there, with the wind, the rain, and the wise looking figures everywhere, the more relaxed I became.

7. Oheo Gulch. This collection of idyllic waterfalls and pools near Hana is also referred to as Seven Sacred Pools, though it's neither. The water was cold, the rocks were slippery, and the place was just plain gorgeous. We didn't bring our camera because we were needlessly afraid that it might get stolen while we swam.

8. The Shadow of the Wind. I was glued to this neo-gothic drama by Spanish Author Carlos Ruiz Zafon for most of the trip. It's the story of a young boy in post-civil war Spain who finds a book by a mysterious author named Julian Carax, and then realizes that someone is hunting down and burning all of Carax's work. Why? Read this awesomely entertaining book and find out.

9. Snorkeling in Napili Bay. Our next lodging was the Hale Napili, an oceanfront condo where the median age was high, the accomodations were practical, and a perfect beach was right there in front of us. We did some great snorkeling and got lots of sun.

10. Not using a computer or hearing any news the whole time (except on my second to last day, when I heard that Heath Ledger died and was sad).


Kim said...

Woo hoo! Welcome home! I LOVE Mama's Fish House. Totally worth the splurge. Sounds like you enjoyed a bunch of Maui. I'm so thrilled. Did you take the back road to/from Hana or just the front?

Margie in Oakland said...

Ooh! Mama's Fish House is great. Yum and yes, crazy expensive. What a great vacation...I am jealous and of course very happy for you, you guys definitely deserved a big fat break.

Linda said...

The back road was closed. But where we were staying was on the road to Hana (near Paia), so it made sense to drive back anyway.

tb said...

Plus, we DID go on that crazy-ass road to West Maui along the coast. The scariest driving I've ever done.

Georgina M. Hunter said...

Hi, I just stumbled into your blog and wanted to say I like how you commented on the wind and rain here on the north shore of Maui. That's a nice way of looking at it. We really appreciate the wind because we have wind generators for our power needs. And as for the rain - we catch it and use if for our household use. Thanks for the nice pics and post!
Aloha from Maui - Georgie Hunter

Anonymous said...

Fun! I just put that book on order from the library. I've never been to Hawaii but I'm convinced I need to go now, looks like it's as nice as everyone says. Been laying low home sick but will see you at CD group.