Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little of This

I really wanted to make a grid of photos on my blog. I even got help from Mati (who makes the best photo grids ever). But something was wrong with the Flickr code for making badges, so I'm going to have to try it again, when I'm feeling less sick and more patient and techie-like. In the meantime, I'm including some photos I took around our apartment, which would have looked a lot cooler in a grid.

I will report that we visited our adoption agency today, to meet with our very sensible and down-to-earth (in a bleached-blonde sexy-mom kind of way) adoption counselor and renew our home study. You see, it's been a year since we first became part of the pool of waiting families, so we had to let them know that we're still in good health and tell them about changes in our lives.

It was also time for a low-key pep talk. We got some reassurance that we're still within the average wait time for an adoption, that our letter (the one that possible birthmoms see) is great, and that with two match possibilities over the year, we've done well, in terms of the response to us as an adoptive couple.

We just haven't adopted yet, and we were told again that if we are willing to just hang in there it will happen. I think I believe it, too, which I couldn't say three months ago. It certainly has helped that I've seen other folks signed up with our agency go through long waits, matches that didn't work out, and failed adoptions like ours, and then I've seen them adopt.

Top to bottom:
Big Boy among the produce in our kitchen.
Valentine's Day tulips in the living room.
A vintage fan we bought in texas
Vintage matches and more in an old printer's drawer
Doll head among the books in our office
Two guys duke it out on the cowboy movie poster in our bedroom.


Kim said...

Photo grids? Is that what they're called? I wanna learn how to do them!

emma said...
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emma said...

Bonjour Linda
My name is Emma. I am also an " waiting"adoptive parent who is living in San Francisco . We ( my husband and I) are waiting for 16 months now..and nothing except some "spam"!!
It is hard sometimes and very long . I read all your blog ( I found the link on Jennifer and Alain's blog)
I have also a blog about our long way to hapiness...(
I would like to let you know that I understand all you are talking about. Your blog is humble and very emotional for people like us. It makes me feel not so lonely on this process...
Thank you!

Alexandra said...

What wonderful photos! I think of you often and can't wait for things to work out for you.