Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Points West

Tod and I took a journey through Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Puget Sound from the ferry to West Seattle.

Dick and Jane's folk art environment, which we stumbled across in Ellensburg, Washington.

A window in Missoula, Montana.

A mysterious sign in strip-mall Missoula.

Garnet ghost town, between Missoula and Great Falls.

When this Montana state trooper gave us a $20 speeding ticket, he said to T "hey, I think I just gave your dad a ticket!" It was true. Jerry's ticket was bigger.

Prelude to a Shriners parade in Great Falls, Montana.

My sister in law Wendy and nephew Clay at a unique Great Falls business.

The beautiful bride, our niece Kelsey, and Ty, her excellent groom. They were the reason for our trip.

At the wedding. The groom is from a large, catholic ranching family, and over 300 people came. There was a lot of praying and red meat.

Piano Pat plays Ring of Fire at the best bar in the world, the Sip N Dip in Great Falls. Note the Shriner in the background.

A mermaid entertains the patrons from the swimming pool behind the bar. The Sip N Dip alone justifies a trip to Great Falls.

Old sign, Spokane, Washington

Photo at top: Top Notch Diner, Great Falls.


Kim said...

Wow! Great to see these! Looks like you had a wonderful time. And, I'm sorry, but the trooper is totally cute. What a crazy coincidence, too.

lindsay said...

Ah, memories. I went to a bachelorette party at the sin-n-dip once; of course the mermaid was off-duty that night. I hope you can picture what a crazy night that was.

It looks like you had a lovely trip!

Linda said...

It probably involved large blue drinks!

Good times.

tb said...

L forgot to mention that we paid the trooper $20 cash, on the spot. Apparently that's how they do things in Montana.

Margie in Oakland said...

What a great trip. What great photos. I must put Sip-n-dip on the must do list. It sounds fantastic.

heather (adl) said...

Just FYI - I got one of those pay on the spot tickets in Montana too, and was excited to get off so easy - until insurance renewal time came up :( I guess they share that bit of info with California.

Great photos!

linda said...

Luckily I have no insurance! Hee hee.

tb said...

Well, the trooper told us it wouldn't affect our driving record, and anyway, like L says, we have no car and hence no insurance.