Saturday, August 18, 2007

Becoming a Man

No, the title doesn't say Becoming a Mom, though our adoption prospects continue to occupy much of my mind, like a program always running in the background.

Last night, I attended a bachelor party for Hugh (that's him and man-Mati at the top). I suspect it could be the only bachelor party I ever attend, and to squeeze under the definition, all the women involved were asked to don man-drag.

I hadn't been thinking much during my insanely busy week about dressing up as a man, though I had formulated a plan of emulating Hugh by wearing a vintage shirt he gave me along with his default outfit of black jeans, black lace-ups and a hat. Before leaving the house, I wrapped my chest, and then before the boys arrived, joined the girls in applying facial hair and lots of heavy eyebrows, sideburns, etc.

What surprised me is how much I really enjoyed dressing up as a man. It felt as if some part of me that is dormant was very ready to carry myself as a man. I also felt younger as a man of forty than I do as a woman of forty, which I can probably attribute to social programming. It was freeing to lose my daily drag in favor of another kind. I'm the guy in plaid, by the way.

It makes sense that I enjoyed myself so much, though. I guess I've always steered away from overly feminine behavior. I've always gravitated toward men as friends and conversation partners, probably more than the average woman. I still wonder about a negative review I got at work long ago, and whether a man would have been been reviewed the same way. So I guess you could say my male side is already somewhat developed.

One thing is for certain: I want to be Tom Waits for Halloween.

You can view a picture of me and the man of the hour here, along with some other fantastic shots.


Sarah Goss said...

You know what, this is fascinating. It's making me wonder what kind of a man I would make, too. I have this feeling I would be a really terrible man, but I don't actually know. I have never been in drag. Now I long for the opportunity.

mati rose said...

yes fascinating. i have such a crush on you as lenny. funny how effortless it was to transform and that your look seemed most effective because it was under done i think-- no fake stache, etc. can't wait for this weekend and to see you in lady drag!