Monday, August 27, 2007


We just got back from Mati and Hugh's wedding at Wellspring Renewal Center. It was a beautiful weekend, with a lot of generous-hearted people, from the friends and family of the bride and groom to the staff of the center. I had been helping Hugh and Mati to plan the wedding, but the reality of it was so full of colors, flowers, happy volunteers and handmade objects that the abstract lists and spreadsheets that had gone before seemed almost unrelated. I think Mati and Hugh gave us all a gift--a chance to be part of a community. There really is nothing better in life than that. I came away from the weekend thinking about how I can be a better partner in my own marriage.

There were also lots of kids there--urban kids who wore pirate costumes, sang Moon River to the crowd, played highly imaginative games, and wore nary a logo. T and I were taking it all in, trying to learn a few things.

The Sad Clown, who appeared at our own wedding, also occupied a photo booth at the wedding. The Sad Clown was found on the street by our friend Tom, who, at his girlfriend Monica's urging, gave him to us. We hide him behind the couch, and occasionally bring him out and try to cheer him up. It hasn't worked so far, but we will keep trying.

Here are Beth and Steven with the poor guy at our wedding, and below, Patrick, Petrina and Ann (one of the officiants) at Hugh and Mati's.

Lastly, here we are, relaxing on the deck with Brian, who coordinated the wedding.

On the way home, we took the coastal route. We stopped at Hog Island Oyster Company to fulfill one of my greatest wishes--to eat large quantities of oysters. It wasn't a month with R in it, and they only had extra smalls left, so it wasn't a peak oyster experience, but it was still great to get out our oyster knives and horseradish when we got home.

Thanks to Petrina for the hot-off-the-presses photos.


Britt Bravo said...

Hey Linda,

I've tagged you for the 8 Random Facts About Me meme:

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is the second time I've been tagged for this meme. I feel like a real blogger!


Kim said...

The wedding looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm so sorry I missed it.

mati rose said...

we just got back! it was beyond belief for us. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just googled "Wellspring Renewal Center wedding photos" and this came up. I am getting married there next July, and I'm so curious about how other folks decorate, what they set up or rent, etc. I was wondering if you, or the bride and groom, or anyone else have photos of the event that you wouldn't mind sharing with me ( I know it might sound weird, but I'm so curious. Thank you!!!

- Kate