Saturday, October 6, 2007

Footloose and Fancy Free

This week the Mr. and I did something we don't usually do. We went out three times. We wanted to experience life without a child just a little more. If our adoption really happens, it could be the end of our carefree existence of doing what we want, when we want to, etc. At least for a while. A long while.

On Tuesday we went to Farmerbrown. Farmerbrown is a southern/soulfood restaurant located in the Hotel Metropolis at Mason and Market. The restaurant was decorated, and arguably slightly overdecorated, in a charming folk-art meets industrial style. The food is sustainable, focused on benefiting local and african-american farmers. The service was friendly and down to earth. The highlights were the cheesy grits, and the pecan pie, both of which were possibly the best versions I had had.

Last night, we grabbed sushi at Sushi Time, tucked away under Books Inc. in the Castro. Wow! I ate there when it was Castro Sushi Underground, and I think it's even better now. The Barbie Roll, which had an extremely thin slice of lemon on top, was to die for, as was the seared white tuna nigiri with ponzu sauce. Really, really good, fresh sushi at reasonable prices. While we were there, we realized that this is not a place you can bring a baby at all. It's just too darn small.

After sushi, we repaired to the Swedish American Hall, where, it just so happens, we got married, to see The Mekons. Here is a brief description of The Mekons, from the Wikipedia:

The Mekons are a British rock band. They are one of the longest-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk rock bands (rivaled in both categories only by The Fall).

But that's so dry! I love them because they are full of joy, imperfect, clearly love each other, have excellent politics, and, in their 40s and 50s, are full of playfulness and improvisation. The show last night was a joy to behold.

Tonight, we met friends at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. Always liked the place, haven't been there in a few years. Great meal (I had a pasta dish and we shared some fantastic pesto/feta green beans and a mushroom risotto). Kinda loud. Kinda fun! We saw a kid get the tallest wedge of chocolate birthday cake ever. It was a veritable tower.

Speaking of baked goods, E. asked me to make some brownies and bring them to her in the hospital. She's due October 12, which means any day now. So that's on my to do list for tomorrow. I know I could use a mix, but this occasion, I think, calls for doing it by hand.


Kim said...

Your joy is barely contained in this post! I should send you a brownie recipe from this fantastic Ruth Reichl memoir I'm reading. She says they're the best brownies ever and she snagged a husband with them!

Margie in Oakland said...

Husband snagging brownies...that could get complicated...

Sarah Goss said...

This was a great idea (to have some footloose and fancy free fun). Oh, but if I had it to do over, I would have told myself this: get out and go to some places while the baby is still little and pretty portable. You can probably get away with some restaurant dinners with the babe sleeping peacefully in her carseat on the table. Or you could go to some "crying" movies that they show periodically around SF (for free)--where the moms all go to the movies and the babies are allowed to cry and whatnot. Unfortunately, they seem to think all moms want to watch romantic comedies exclusively, but what the heck, I was still grateful to be at a movie.

Now that she's a semi-toddler, going out is SO much harder. She shrieks at the top of her lungs and throws food. (I guess you got to experience a little bit of that the last time we saw you, though that was far from her worst.)

On the edges of our seats over here!

Sarah Goss said...

On those moms movies, I should have said "primary caretaker movies" :-) Though I have to say every time I went, it was mostly moms.